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Trinices started this conversation
I am a open minded person. I do not judge and I am happy to talk and listen.
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mothersscapegoat   in reply to Latido callado
We probably won't agree and that's fine. In your post to her you mentioned that's why women kill themselves. The thing is in the last 6 months I have been through every major crisis you can imagine and many that wouldn't even cross the minds of most people. From the news of my dad's impending death and spending every other week at the hospital with him to losing my job, then an illegal eviction and lockout which left my son and I homeless with nothing but the clothes we were wearing, to a custody battle over him that came out of nowhere considering his dad has never wanted anything to do with him even when I begged for the first 7 years of his life for him to get involved and paid him to spend time with him, to my son being kidnapped once and attempted a second time, to moving in to this shithole trailer that was all I could get after being denied multiple times for any type of assistance anywhere, then that caught fire the second night we were here because of an improperly installed water heater, to the state levying my bank account for back taxes that I couldn't pay and didn't have warning of because of the illegal lockout, to my mail being illegally re-routed back to my former residence which also caused me to lose my license after someone else got a parking ticket while driving my car while he was supposed to be fixing it and never getting the notices, and most recently being extremely sick and in the hospital with pneumonia which was so bad that I broke my rib and tore muscles from coughing so hard. I could seriously keep going with even more but I think you get the point. And all of this after a lifetime of verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Trinices came out of nowhere and the first post she made was to call me selfish for feeling discouraged that the one and only time I was approved for any type of assistance it didn't work out. I was not even on here the rest of the night to reply to her or see others' replies to her. I felt kicked by her while I was down and that's the last thing I need too. I can admit that some of my words were harsh but would hope that people here could offer a little leniency considering the struggles we are all facing. That was my only negative experience on here and I don't really think it was all that bad. Because the whole thing got so blown out of proportion and because it was out of character of me to respond the way I did I reached out to offer a "fresh start." I still feel as though she was wrong, but as I just said, we are all struggling and a little leniency means a lot when someone needs encouragement. I do hope she returns and I hope the whole mess can just dissolve so everyone can move forward in a positive manner. As for anything anyone else said, I cannot speak for them. Some of it I would agree was out of line and went too far, but I can also appreciate it because they were trying to defend me and that meant more to me than anything material I have received.
Anyway, I hope you, trinices, or anyone else who felt offended by the whole mess can let it all go and just be here for each other because that's what this is all about. And I would like to extend my apologies and offers to help anyone I can to all of you if you ever want to take me up on it.
Good night to you all and God Bless.
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Trinics you can join my circle. I understood.
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Latido callado   in reply to mothersscapegoat
I appreciate that you wanted to start over but it's probably to late. She probably won't come back you guys were very hard and all she was saying was your son was happy get the pants and get what you can cause the most important thing was it made him happy even if it wasn't enough. But your view was giving it back because of rules to use but she was thinking of your son not your fight with the system. I am sure you are a good person and a good mother and I am sorry for everything you struggle with but maybe next time someone reaches out you don't cut them off because of a statement or opinion. You guys should have given her a chance because she kept explaining and she reached out to all of you.
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Latido callado
Hey I understood what you meant and I think it was wrong how they treated you even after you told your stories they dismissed you and you was clearly coming from the right place. Sometimes people only want you to say what they want to here not what they want to here. I am new to this page also but they scared me away with those attitudes I too thought we was here to discuss but oh we'll. I hope you look back and see this because I don't know you but I honestly felt ashamed to be a woman when you was speaking of your situation and no one even responded with one kind word. You could have became nasty or rude but you didn't and that speaks character and personality. It hurt to here you say you was alone. And then to be pushed out as a women that hurt me as we'll. this is why women kill themselves or break down because after the husbands beat them then the women do too. I understand everyone is stressed but that was just a horrible thing to do. How could she talk down to you if she's telling you about her struggles. She was clearly looking for friends.
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Let's start over....
my name is mothersscapegoat. I do not reveal my real name on here because I am in the middle of multiple legal battles and have a psychotic mother who will stop at nothing to destroy me. I have been through a lot in my life and helped many others through rough times as well....which has empowered me to fight for the less fortunate. I have a gift of finding resources for people and am happy to do so whenever I can. I cannot offer financial assistance to anyone at this time, but can find other resources and am willing to listen and offer encouragement to anyone who needs it. I'm sorry that you are feeling attacked and all I can tell you about that is to step outside of it and read everything that has been written by yourself and the rest of us to try to gain a different perspective. If, at any point, you would like help securing specific needs you are welcome to send me your city, state, and list of needs and I will do my best to find the appropriate help for you.
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